Privacy Policy

AUN THAI Laboratories Co.,Ltd . We recognize that customers expect a high level of privacy and security for their personal information and will keep such information confidential. We therefore inform you of our policy on Protection of Personal Data of our customers as specified below.

Visiting the Company’s Website

Customers can visit the Company’s website to search for information relating to products and services. Company may collecting information on website and use such information for the development and improvement of company services.

Disclosure to Third Party

Company will not disclose information to any person and will prevent the unauthorized use of your information, except in follow case

  1. Your consent has been obtained.
  2. Such disclosure is to complete your order.
  3. Information is disclosed to third party or company to which company has responsibility to disclose such information.
  4. Such disclosure is in accordance with the laws or orders of the relevant government agencies.

Measures for Safekeeping of Information

Company will use high standard security in follow case.

For website information company use of Firewall, Data Encryption, and Virus Scanning or other technology and procedures to prevent stealing of confidential information.

For company information only authority staff can access the customer’s information. To ensure the security of your information from third party.

Even though the company has high standard of technology and security measures to help prevent access to your personal information, customer still have to keep security of personal data in every transaction.