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Advertising services on Twitter are provided by experts, promoting the brand to increase brand awareness and gain more followers.
This helps boost sales of products and services.

  • Analyze target audience and develop advertising strategies.
  • Efficiently manage advertising campaigns.
  • Monitor campaign performance and prepare reports.
  • Create packages according to the client's budget.

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    What is Twitter Ads (advertising on Twitter)?

    Twitter Ads or advertising on Twitter refers to public relations and marketing in online channels on Twitter. which is a unique social media Because Twitter has a unique feature that limits tweets to only 280 characters, resulting in concise, interesting and easily accessible content.

    The characteristics of most Twitter users are teenagers to middle age. who often follow news, entertainment or stories that interest them through this channel It is also like a large network of people who want to discuss or discuss topics that they are interested in.

    What are the objectives of the Twitter Ads (The Objective For Your Campaign) campaign?

    • Reach

      Increase user access Raise awareness and awareness of the product or service.

    • Followers

      Increase the number of Twitter followers higher which has the opportunity to convert their status into a customer

    • Engagement

      Create user engagement including replying, retweeting, and saving favourites.

    • Video Views

      Increase video or GIFs (animation) views.

    • Pre-roll Views

      In order to have more views of the short video ad at the beginning of the clip which is one way of generating income

    • Website Clicks

      Increase the reach of the brand's website Let followers visit or make purchases.

    • App Installs

      Encourage followers to install applications related to products or services of the brand.

    • App Re-engagements

      Create more access and use of applications that followers have already installed.

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    What are the formats of Twitter Ads?

    1. Promoted Ads

    It's standard advertising on Twitter that's simple. but effective with a variety of uses Including text tweets, images and videos, users can reply, retweet and like as usual. But there will be a sign and a message clearly saying “Promoted by…”

    Text Ads

    An advertisement using text only. This pattern is pretty simple. have a natural Close to the tweets of regular users.


    Image Ads

    An advertisement using only one text and one image, allowing users to see more images of the brand's products or services.


    Video Ads

    This is an advertisement using text and a video of no more than 2.20 minutes. It is an interesting format. Helps to attract viewers to the brand's website or application.


    Carousel Ads

    Add interest to your ads with a horizontal carousel-style advertisement using text and images or videos. Enter up to 6 items.


    Moment Ads

    Using the Moment feature advertisement that helps tell stories in different perspectives. Add realism to make advertising more effective.

    2. Follower Ads

    Popular form of advertising on Twitter. it increases visibility and promotes brand twitter to target users so that those users can see the brand's twitter and become a new follower.

    3. Twitter Amplify

    Twitter Amplify Ads are advertising that amplifies your brand's reach. By categorizing brand ads with premium video content from similar and relevant publishers. to appear as a video advertisement at the beginning of the clip, which has 2 characteristics as follows

    Amplify Pre-roll

    It is an advertisement that allows brands to choose a category of video content. which has more than 15 categories which are safe and premium videos. and use it at the beginning to draw attention


    Amplify Sponsorships

    An advertisement that chooses to be matched face-to-face with a sponsor. which has a unique identity Increase the interest of users to follow even more.

    4. Twitter Takeover

    This type of ad is considered premium advertising. Helping brands reach more users The highlight of this format is Users who are the brand's target group will see the ads clearly by Twitter Takeover in 2 ways as follows.

    Timeline Takeover

    A tweet at the top. When a user enters Twitter, they will see this ad tweet as the first ad of the day.


    Trend Takeover/Trend Takeover+

    This is an advertisement that has the same format as Timeline Takeover, but it will be displayed on the Trend page. As for Trend Takeover+, it adds a video to make it more engaging and interesting.

    5. Twitter Live

    It broadcasts video around the world and allows users to watch it in real time. Twitter Live can be used for product or service launches, conferences, and brand parties and events. This increases the reach of more people interested and following the brand.

    6. Twitter Ads Features

    Twitter also has a number of features. Which can be used in conjunction with other advertising formats as well to increase interest and help make each advertisement more effective. The other 6 Twitter features are as follows:


    Survey creation feature that allows users to communicate and engage with brands. by answering questions in that survey.


    Conversation Buttons

    Keypad features for chatting. Build engagement between users and brands. You can talk or inquire about products and services at any time.


    Website Buttons

    Button feature to go to the website. This feature was created to bring more users to the brand's website. This is an opportunity to boost sales.


    App Buttons

    Another keypad feature. Accessing applications or download pages in the App Store or Play Store allows users to engage with the brand more.


    Branded Hashtags

    Popular feature that helps advertisers using brand-specific hashtags. It is a clear and interesting display of the brand's character. There is one way to increase followers.


    Branded Notifications

    It's a feature that allows followers to receive brand notifications. So that followers can receive information, news directly at that time.

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    Advantages of Twitter Ads (advertising on Twitter)

    Twitter Ads or advertising on Twitter is one channel for online marketing. which has been very popular Because it has many advantages as follows:

    ข้อดีของ Twitter Ads

    Help increase the number of followers.

    Twitter Ads are public relations and advertisements for products or services from brands when more people see them. What follows is that the opportunity for followers to click Follow is also increased. This makes advertising on Twitter another important way to increase the number of followers.

    There are many styles to choose from.

    With a variety of formats of Twitter Ads that can be used This is one of the advantages that meets a lot of advertising needs. Because each format has different characteristics and meets the needs of each person. Help cover all target groups.

    Turn Followers into Buyers

    If a brand does Twitter Ads and has more followers or Followers, including choosing the format that meets the needs and covers the specified target group will help to change status From followers to customers who can buy products or services of the brand.

    Can be measured and evaluated

    After using Twitter Ads, no matter which format you choose to use. Brands can instantly measure and evaluate results in real-time. to see an increase in the number of followers participant Either replying, retweeting or liking it.

    Our Twitter Ads Service

    Aun Thai provides advertising services on Twitter through a team of experts with the following strengths:

    • Set targets and advertising campaigns that are appropriate to customers' marketing objectives.
    • Analyze and monitor trends to recommend content that meets the needs of the target audience.
    • Manage budgets on a daily basis, monitoring and improving advertising performance.
    • Provide weekly* and monthly advertising reports to customers (depending on the package).
    • Monthly summary meetings with experts to provide marketing advice on Twitter.
    • Twitter Ads advertising packages starting at 10,000 baht per month.

    The Twitter Ads service provided by Aun Thai Laboratories Co., Ltd. is highly effective and provides clear results. Aun Thai is also a comprehensive online marketing agency that offers 1-Stop-Service to help clients market on Twitter in the most efficient and successful manner.

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