TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads service offers advertising on TikTok, which can stimulate interest and promote brands to be popular.
Ad campaigns can be targeted effectively within a reasonable budget, increasing sales with the help of experts.

  • Analyze target audience and develop advertising strategies.
  • Efficiently manage advertising campaigns.
  • Monitor campaign performance and prepare reports.
  • Create packages according to the client's budget.

What is TikTok Ads (Advertising in TikTok)?

TikTok Ads or TikTok ads are online marketing in a new and popular platform. TikTok is a unique social media using short 15-60 second videos, which can be taken stills, videos or taken from the gallery. that already exists And edited, adding effects, filters and music, making the content published in TikTok quite diverse, interesting and attracting app users to participate as well.

With a huge variety of content. There are both knowledge and entertainment from almost every industry. The users of this platform are not only teenagers. Adults are also starting to use more and more, which is very useful in advertising to promote the brand. It's one of media channels that help increase sales of products and services as well.

What are the objectives of the TikTok Ads (The Objective For Your Campaign) campaign?

  • Reach

    To increase access for users to know more about the brand.

  • Traffic

    Attract more users to the brand's website

  • App Installs

    Increase the download and installation of brand applications

  • Video Views

    To attract TikTok users to watch brand videos

  • Conversion

    Convince users to make a decision to buy a product or service

What are the formats of TikTok Ads?

1. Top View

It's a very distinctive ad format. Since this ad will be the first video when a user opens the TikTiok application, it can attract the user's attention. which brands can create unlimited stories To enable users to know and interact with the brand more.

2. In-feed Ads

These are ads that pop up on the For You page while a user is watching a video. This type of advertising helps to attract users to be more interested in the brand. And can be customized to have a button to go to the website. including buttons for installing applications as well Considered to help achieve many objectives.

3. Branded Hashtag Challenge

It is another interesting and effective advertising format by creating a challenge through brand-specific hashtags. To inspire users to participate in the creation of their own videos. It can create awareness and increase the number of followers a lot.

4. Branded Effect

Advertising that engages users with games, stickers, filters, or effects created specifically for the brand. For users to use to create their own videos Help your brand to be more interesting and known to the wider audience.

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Advantages of TikTok Ads

TikTok Ads or advertising in TikTok is an online marketing channel. Which is becoming a trend and has gained widespread popularity with the following advantages

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Increase your audience and followers.

With TikTok being an application with over 1,000 million users worldwide, TikTok Ads are a great way to increase your brand awareness. Including increasing the number of followers and higher video views on this platform. which when more people know and follow It resulted in many good results.

There are many styles to choose from.

TikTok Ads is an online advertising platform that offers a variety of formats for brands to choose from. which have different characteristics and interest in each type but with a consistent primary purpose. Is to create awareness and encourage users to make a decision to buy products or services.

Grow your brand

Choosing TikTok Ads to promote and persuade users to buy products or services It is another option to develop the brand to move forward. and have the opportunity to grow the business With more and more users every year, it is one of the main platforms for online marketing.

Can be measured and evaluated

Because TikTok Ads is an advertisement on social media. Allows brands to measure and evaluate the results of advertising in real-time. Brands will see an increase in the number of people engaged with their activities, as well as an increase in the number of followers and sales.

Our TikTok Ads

Aun Thai provides advertising services on TikTok through a team of experts with the following strengths:

  • Set targets and advertising campaigns that are appropriate to customers' marketing objectives.
  • Analyze and monitor trends to recommend content that meets the needs of the target audience.
  • Manage budgets on a daily basis, monitoring and improving advertising performance.
  • Provide weekly* and monthly advertising reports to customers (depending on the package).
  • Monthly summary meetings with experts to provide marketing advice on TikTok.
  • TikTok Ads advertising packages start at 10,000 baht per month.

The TikTok Ads service from Aun Thai Laboratories Co., Ltd. is an efficient service that provides clear and visible results. Aun Thai is also a one-stop agency for online marketing services,This service will help customers market on TikTok in the most effective and successful way possible.

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