Facebook CPAS

Facebook CPAS service to promote the brand and increase sales for various E-Market Places, such as Shopee and Lazada.

  • Analyze target audience and develop advertising strategies.
  • Efficiently manage advertising campaigns.
  • Monitor campaign performance and prepare reports.
  • Create packages according to the client's budget.

What is Facebook CPAS ?

"Facebook CPAS" stands for Collaborative Performance Advertising Solutions, also known as "Collaborative Ads". It is a form of online marketing on Facebook that is suitable for brands that focus on selling products or services online. Facebook CPAS helps users to easily view and purchase brand products.

One of the advantages of advertising on Facebook CPAS is the ability to extract product or service catalog data from various e-marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada to use for advertising. Additionally, the system can be adjusted to respond to the needs of the target audience, using data analysis of user behavior and interests in watching products. These are important factors that help boost brand sales.

What are the objectives of the Facebook CPAS (The Objective For Your Campaign) campaign?

Build Brand Awareness

Create awareness and brand awareness among target groups.

Promote Your Business

For users to get to know more about the brand's products or services.

Increase Online Sales

Increase sales of products or services online more

Promote Your App

Attract downloads and use applications

Generate Leads

Gather information of users and target groups more easily

Monetise Your Content

Generate profit from brand's contents.

Retarget Existing Customers

Encourage users to return to the website regularly.

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What are the formats of Facebook CPAS?

1. Image

An advertising using images for displaying your brand's products or services. Attract users awareness and viewing the products or services of the brand This can be used for both normal photos or 360-degree panoramas to add interest to the post.

2. Carousel

Horizontal slideshow advertisement. You can choose up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. Make it possible to show products, services or special promotions of the brand to more target groups. It can also insert a button to allow users to go to a website or an application download page.

3. Collection

It's another way to advertise by merging photos and videos into one collection. To make it easier for target groups to view and buy products or services. There will be a cover image and three detailed images. When users tap on the screen, they will enter Instant Experience mode, allowing users to have a convenient, interesting experience and increase their desire to buy products or services.

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Advantages of Advertising on Facebook CPAS

Facebook CPAS is another option for brands looking to market online and aims to sell products or services. There are many advantages of advertising in this channel as follows:

ข้อดีของการโฆษณาใน Facebook CPAS

Increase access

Advertising on Facebook CPAS gives more opportunities for users to reach your brand. to attract users to change their status to become a target group and are interested in the product or service It is an option that helps your brand to be heard and known widely.

Generate sales for the store

With Facebook CPAS, advertising can be tailored to your audience's interests and purchasing needs. Therefore, it is very likely that the target group will buy products or services from the brand. Which is effective advertising help to increase more sales.

Increase the chances of Up Selling and Cross Selling.

Up Selling is offering a higher value product or service based on what a target audience wants to buy, while Cross Selling is offering something related to what a target audience wants to buy. Facebook CPAS has a system that can analyze this information. Help increase sales and profits for your brand.

Can be measured and evaluated

With the use of Facebook CPAS that can measure ROAS (Return on Ads Spend) or income from advertising expenses. which allows brands to evaluate the results of advertising to be used in planning and strategic thinking effectively to meet the needs of the target group as much as possible.

Our Facebook CPAS service

Aun Thai provides advertising services on Facebook CPAS through a team of experts with the following strengths:

  • Set targets and advertising campaigns that are appropriate to customers' marketing objectives.
  • Analyze and monitor trends to recommend content that meets the needs of the target audience.
  • Manage budgets on a daily basis, monitoring and improving advertising performance.
  • Provide weekly* and monthly advertising reports to customers (depending on the package).
  • Monthly summary meetings with experts to provide marketing advice on Facebook.
  • Facebook CPAS advertising packages start at 10,000 baht per month.
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