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SEO Premium
SEO services increase the number of visitors to the website.

Analysis service for on-page SEO improvement strategies and provide quality article creation
by a team of in-house expert writers to increase organic traffic from Google.

  • Increase website visitors without paying for clicks on ads.
  • Generate brand awareness and increasing leads
  • Sustainably growing website with quality articles
  • Packages can be arranged based on customer's budget.

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    SEO services to increase organic traffic

    SEO Premium service is an SEO service for increasing the number of website visitors from organic traffic channels from Google, consisting of analysis for setting up SEO strategies, including improving On-page SEO in terms of website structure and product content. or service to creating useful and SEO-optimized articles to rank in Google search results.

    Highlights of SEO Premium Services

    Highlights of SEO Premium Services

    Increase your visitors while increasing your chances of making a sale.

    This service focuses on increasing the number of visitors to your website through articles that are useful and relevant to your product or service from Google's organic channel. The website will become more known and credibility will increase. The opportunity for customers to buy products or services increases as well.

    Strengthening the website

    Improving the website and content to be SEO-friendly, along with updating quality articles that meet the needs of users regularly. It will help your website's keywords to rank better on Google's search results and also increase your competitiveness against larger websites.

    Support for various types of articles

    We have a team of in-house writers who have expertise in writing articles in many areas such as lifestyle, food, home and garden, real estate. Including products for industry In addition, the article is reviewed again by the SEO Specialist team to ensure that the article is correct in terms of information and structure for SEO.

    Consultation for basic SEO marketing guidelines for free!

    Pricing for SEO Premium Services

    Special price
    Please contact sales.
    • Do keyword research
    • On-page analysis (adjust the website)
    • Improve Off-page (Add Backlink)
    • Quality articles that generate traffic
    • Help promote the sale of products / services.
    • Illustrations of articles are copyrighted.
    • Stick to Tracking to measure performance
    • Summarize traffic report every month
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    ※Price depends on various factors such as number of taffic, website complexity, competition, type of business.
    ※ If you want us to estimate the amount of traffic that will increase Customers must provide Google Analytics and Search Console data for the past 6 months or more.
    ※In order for AUN Thai to guarantee traffic or other KPIs, the Client shall allow the Company to access the Google Analytics and Search Console accounts.

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    Procedure for SEO Premium service

    • Examine and analyze data

      AUN Thai can analyze Information to estimate the amount of traffic that will increase. The customer must provide website visit data from Google Analytics and Search Console for the past 6 months or allow AUN Thai to access the Google Analytics and Search Console account to check the data.

    • Estimate the amount of traffic

      After verifying the information, we will offer packages that suit the needs and budgets of customers. along with informing the amount of traffic expected to increase.

    • Sign a service contract

      When customers can choose a package, we will let customers sign a contract. Along with attaching the evidence documents necessary for using the service to be sent back to us.

      ※Minimum contract period is 12 months and will begin to see results from around the 3rd month since doing SEO will take time to get ranked.

    • SEO Strategy

      We will analyze the website of customers and competitors and determine keywords. To formulate an On-page SEO improvement strategy for product or service pages to increase overall website rankings and plan to create content that is important to increase traffic that is the target group of customers.

      ※AUN Thai will present On-page SEO improvement documents for customers to modify the website.
      ※If you want us to edit the website for you There will be an additional charge.

    • Develop content

      We will plan articles for each month for customers to review. After that, will provide articles with copyrighted images from Shutterstock.

      ※If you want us to design and create artwork for the image, there will be an additional charge.
      ※ Articles can be revised twice for free.

    • Modify the website

      The client revises the website in terms of On-page SEO according to the guidance document. Which in this section is very important to the ranking of the website. If the customer has a problem solving You can consult with our staff.

      ※If you want us to edit the website for you there will be extra charge.

    • Post content

      A customer post articles on the website or let us post them instead. Free of charge.

    • Make a report

      AUN Thai will prepare a traffic report within 7 working days of the following month. and will continue to use the information obtained to improve and develop content in order to increase traffic effectively.

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