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SEO Consultation (SEO Micro)
Optimize Your Website
According to Best Practices.

SEO Consultation Service - Consulting on SEO and Conducting SEO Audits by a Team of Experts. Covering Technical SEO and On-Page SEO to Improve Website Ranking on Google.

  • Check the site for any issues in terms of SEO friendliness.
  • Provide a solution to improve the website according to SEO principles
  • Recommend website structure and content with Keyword Research
  • Advice on creating quality content and direct Search Intent

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    SEO Consultation Optimize your website for SEO

    SEO Consultation (SEO Micro) service is an SEO Audit service to examine, analyze and improve your website to be SEO-optimized in all aspects of Technical SEO. Gathering and organizing website data from Search Engine to On-page SEO analysis based on keywords that want to improve rankings. This includes site structure and content. Ready to provide consulting services by our experienced SEO Specialist team.

    Highlights of SEO Consultation services

    It is an SEO service that does not limit the number of keywords. It selects the main keyword to focus on and secondary keywords that are related. by considering to fit the website page in order to be able to create content that meets the needs of searchers make the website rank well

    ※Keyword grouping is based on relevance and landing page for SEO.

    A service for checking and analyzing the customer's website in all aspects. from keyword selection sitemap Website structure and content design As well as giving advice on a design to be more friendly to Google and users.

    ※Can provide both Thai, English and Japanese keywords for

    An analysis service to improve the quality and correct website according to SEO principles, also known as "White Hat SEO". You can see the results of the change in keyword rankings after improving the website. It also has a good effect on maintaining the ranking in the long run.

    ※ Ranking on the first page of Google is not yet guaranteed.

    It is a service to check and offer solutions by a team of SEO Specialists, not just using automated tools. The customer will receive detailed documentation for the modification of the website. along with explaining principles and knowledge about SEO

    ※ Document in PowerPoint (Google Slide) or Excel (Google Sheet) format.

    Our SEO service is designed to provide you with a dedicated consultant who works within your company. Our service not only offers solutions to optimize your website, but also continuously monitors your website to ensure that updates are properly implemented. Moreover, customers can ask any SEO-related questions throughout the entire duration of their contract.

    ※The company has experience in doing SEO in Japan for more than 20 years and in Thailand for more than 10 years.

    If using the long-term monthly service contract, our company has a tool that customers can always check the ranking of keywords by themselves. It also analyzes the website and documents website remedial recommendations to improve and maintain its ranking.

    ※Only for long-term contracts from 6 months

    Pricing for SEO Consultation Services

    Starter package


    Number of keywords

    1 or more groups

    • Do keyword research
    • Analyze Technical SEO
    • Analyze On-page SEO
    • Advice on content creation
    Request for a quote

    Recommended package


    Number of keywords

    3 groups

    • Do keyword research
    • Analyze Technical SEO
    • Analyze On-page SEO
    • Introducing content creation
    Request for a quote

    Value Package


    Number of keywords

    5 groups

    • Do keyword research
    • Analyze Technical SEO
    • Analyze On-page SEO
    • Introducing content creation
    Request for a quote

    Terms & condition

    ※There is no limit to the number of keywords in each group. It depends on the keyword relevance and search volume.
    (refer to search volume from Google Keyword Planner)
    ※Price and minimum contract length depends on the difficulty level of the keyword group and the complexity of the website.
    ※This is an analytical service and presents ways to improve your website to be SEO-friendly (rank and backlinks are not guaranteed).
    ※ If you want the company to write the content for you, there will be an additional charge.

    Example of a keyword group

    If using the Business Plan service (3 groups of keywords)

    Group 1

    Japan Tour

    Group 2

    Hokkaido Tour

    Group 3

    Private tour
    Main keyword Main keyword Main keyword
    Japan Tour Hokkaido Tour Private tour
    Secondary keywords Secondary keywords Secondary keywords
    Japan Tour Package Hokkaido Tour private group tour price
    tour of japan Hokkaido sightseeing tour arrange a private tour
    tour to japan Tour to Hokkaido Get a private tour
    cheap tours in japan cheap tour hokkaido -
    Prices for tours in Japan Prices for Hokkaido tours -


    ※The company will select the main keyword and sub-keyword for SEO in each keyword group.
    ※We will consider the keywords in each group according to their relevance and landing page which is the target page for SEO.

    Looking for professional SEO consultation and exclusive deals?

    Who is SEO Consultation suitable for?

    • People who want to do an SEO Audit to check the performance of the website.
    • Those who want to improve the original website according to SEO principles
    • People who want to create a new website according to SEO principles
    • People who need a consultant for effective SEO
    • People who want to find experts to maintain the website's ranking
    • People who are new to SEO and need a guide to doing SEO right.
    • Those who have tried to do SEO by themselves or use other services But the rank hasn't improved.
    • People who want to do SEO with lots of keywords at a reasonable price
    • People who want to use SEO services that set a fixed monthly cost.
    Who is SEO Consultation suitable for?


    Procedures for SEO Consultation Service

    • Choose a keyword

      Customers can send samples of keywords and website pages that need SEO to be evaluated first. The company will help group keywords. Ready to recommend keywords that are suitable for the website and have sufficient search volume.

    • Sign a service contract

      When the customer selects the group and can set the keyword. We will let a customer sign a contract. Along with attaching the necessary documents for using the service to be sent back to us

    • Analyze the website

      We will analyze the website pages that need SEO and prepare a recommendation document within 15-30 working days after the contract start date. (Depending on job details) for customers to adjust the website by themselves.

    • Modify the website

      Customers modify the website according to the documents. Which in this section is very important to the ranking of the website. If the customer has a problem solving You can consult with our staff.

      ※ If you want Aun Thai Company to edit the website for you. there will be extra charge

    • Check website modifications.

      When the customer has finished editing the website. We will check the website. If there is a point that needs to be adjusted further we will prepare the documents and send them to the customer again.

    • Check Rank

      On every Tuesday of the 3rd week of the month (or as agreed), we will check the ranking of the website and send a report to the customer. And while using our SEO services, customers can always view the website ranking report with the tools provided by us.

      ※Only for long-term contracts from 6 months

    • Improve and maintain rankings

      During the contract, we will analyze the website and make a recommendation document to improve the website further to send to the customer. In order to maintain the ranking or improve the ranking even better.

      ※Only for long-term contracts from 6 months

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