Shopping Ads

Advertising services with Google Ads (AdWords) in the form of Shopping Ads to display content and product details on the search results page of Google Search.

What are Shopping Ads?

Shopping Ads is a product advertisement on the Google website to increase sales and visits to that online store's products. This is a hybrid advertising that includes product images, product names, prices and store names.

It is an advertising channel that helps connect buyers and sellers together. The product information advertised in the form of Shopping Ads will be displayed on the search results page of users who choose to use keywords related to that product. This helps customers to easily access the products they want. Shopping Ad Example Shopping Ad Example

Advantages of Shopping Ads

Advantages of Shopping Ads

Featured ads placement is easy to notice.

Because Shopping Ads placements are either at the top or to the right of search results.

Product images help to attract the eye and the desire to buy.

Thus increasing the chances of making a purchase decision of the target group.

Increase visibility and help drive traffic to the website.

It's a good brand awareness. It also helps to increase the number of visitors to the website as well.


Advantages of our Shopping Ads service

  • We have a team to help set up Google Merchant Center and link to Google Ads Account.
  • We provide advice on how to add product information to Google Merchant Center, including writing product details, uploading product images, and more.
  • Can add new products or delete unwanted products at any time.
  • Able to edit various details of the product such as product name, description, image at any time
  • There is a summary of the results of advertising for customers on a weekly and monthly basis.

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